Friday, September 27, 2013

The Falling

This is a poem based on a true story...

Perception’s ounce crushed as the obscure pounds
Brings a glorious steeple well to the ground
Angel’s cry to Heaven while hell abounds
In quakes and thunder all that makes no sound

A fools den of minions report all is well in hand
From within the halls and walls where no evil was banned
As the legions from hell rise and take command
Lies build up their strongholds where no truth would stand

Sever the head quickly so the flock it may divide
Preach long for false unity that will never abide
Let the evil fester for in plain sight to hide
Till righteousness overthrown from within kills the bride

Lost without due diligence it lacks critical thinking
Stench from asphalt roads to hell poured black and stinking
It was over in a flash without even blinking
No wonder ship’s abandoned left to her sinking

Polemic pack planned the betraying revolt
Though some innocent, not ignorant, were the first to bolt
Kingdom coming halted was the intended result
Leaving but a shell indwelled by a cult

The leadership corrupted perpetuates the lie
Vote in another leader and kiss the future goodbye
Slowly truth emerges but no one is asking why
The body starts to wither on its way to die

One Elder holds his position falsely unto this day
Another was later chosen though on his watch betray
One can only wonder what holds the beast at bay
If God no longer hears them to whom then do they pray?

In the distance a remnent watches with a knowing nod
At the frailty of the gestures not altogether broad
And the peculure glances that all just seem so odd
To fix all that's broken would take an act of God