Monday, January 30, 2012

What If?

What if those who sought out fortune or fame started looking to be significant in His Name?
What if those who stole from their poverty started giving like the rich that they ought to be?
What if the rich gave more to the needy instead finding ways to become more greedy?
What if the men with the biggest ambitions sanctified their egos in God Almighty?
What if Christians repented of their sins and followed Jesus while they walked uprightly?
What if musicians stopped singing for their own praises and started praising God themselves?
What if preachers started preaching more hope instead of only the consequences of hell?
What if churches started getting smaller but started spreading their love even further?
What if the size of a church wasn’t measured by the numbers but the character of its congregation?
What if we stopped politicizing the environment and just actually cared about all of creation?
What if the Christian faith became the answer instead of another talking-head politician?
What if Christians walked out their faith in God instead of whatever their current condition?
What if believers had a little more faith instead of the sin of worry and all that it takes?
What if we asked the Lord to do something in us then maybe He could do more through or for us?
What if we were more like the light on the hill and leaned more on our faith and less on our will?
What if we cared less about sports teams and players and spent more time in the Word and in prayer?
What if we boasted less about our history and looked forward to what God wants us to be?
What if we stopped focusing on the odds we can’t seem to beat and started being His hands and feet?
What if Christian views were less worldly and broad and focused more on the power of God?
What if we talked less about the color of another’s skin and spent that time repenting for our sins?
What if we worried less about our personal freedoms and spent more time building God’s Kingdom?
What if we prayed more, gave more, displayed more of the Christ who dwells within us all?
What if we kneeled more, healed more, revealed more? Would this dying world hear His call?
What if His chosen started reading their Bibles, went out into the world and made more disciples?What if we stopped asking “What if?” and just went out and did it?

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